Anita Kwiecień is a young photographer and visual artist based in Manchester. Working with film, she leans towards portraiture, fine art and social documentary with a keen interest in human nature.

In her personal work she usually addresses social and mental health issues, and tries to capture the human mind. Anita tries to push the medium and use it to its fullest in order to get particular emotions through. Some of her experimental work includes photo embroidery, double exposures on film and use of handwriting.



A month at the Venice Biennale /London, UK / II 2018

Light of Day / Manchester, UK / I 2018

…Into the labirynth / Manchester, UK /XI 2017

Smoke and Mirrors / Manchester, UK / V 2017

Was It The Tired Salmon / Manchester, UK / IV 2017

More than 1… at least double / Belgrade, Serbia / I 2016



Spindle Magazine, Lumineuse Magazine


  • E:   anitakwiecien(at)gmail.com
  • T:   +44 (0) 7734 345743